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The LIA Origins has been renewed for the 2013-16 years by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the CNRS.

China and France have signed in October, 22th 2008, in Beijing, an agreement to create an International Associated laboratory called "Origins" in the field of Astrophysics. Origins activities include research on the origin of the matter and energy in the Universe, origins of the galaxies and heavy elements and origins of planets including those possibly hosting life. Its main goals is to favour and support collaborations between chinese and french research teams, in both science and instrumentation.

The LIA “Origins” 2011 Calls

The LIA “Origins” 2011 Calls for Proposals for Exchange Programs, Postdoc Positions, and Visiting Programs

1. Call for Proposals for Short Exchange Visits

The LIA provides supports for short visits for French and Chinese researchers to visit their collaborators in the other country. For Chinese researchers visiting France, LIA-China may support the international airfare and LIA-France will provide the local support in France, and vice versa. Applications should be submitted to LIA-France and LIA-China respectively, for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. All researchers are eligible for this Call, including graduate students, post-docs and researchers with permanent position.

2. Call for Proposals for One Month Visits in France

The LIA can provide support for up to 4 visits of one month, at any date starting within the 1st September 2011 to the 1st August 2012. Applicants should be Professors or Assistant Professors in China. The financial support depends on the level (professorship or assistant-professorship) but should not be less than a regular salary in France. Proposals asking for more than a single month visit will be also considered.

3. Call for a Postdoc Position in France for Young Researchers from China

The LIA will provide a 2-year Postdoc position for a young researcher from China to work in French labs or universities. The position will start from 1st December 2011.

Download the LIA “Origins” 2011 Calls (PDF format)

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