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The LIA Origins has been renewed for the 2013-16 years by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the CNRS.

China and France have signed in October, 22th 2008, in Beijing, an agreement to create an International Associated laboratory called "Origins" in the field of Astrophysics. Origins activities include research on the origin of the matter and energy in the Universe, origins of the galaxies and heavy elements and origins of planets including those possibly hosting life. Its main goals is to favour and support collaborations between chinese and french research teams, in both science and instrumentation.

The LIA “Origins” 2014 Calls

The LIA “Origins” 2014 Calls for Proposals for Exchange Programs, Postdoc Positions, and Visiting Programs


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1. Call for Proposals for Short Exchange Visits

The LIA provides supports for short visits for French and Chinese researchers to visit their collaborators in the other country. For Chinese researchers visiting France, LIA-France will provide the local support in France, and vice versa. Applications should be submitted to LIA-France and LIA-China respectively, for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

The goal of the LIA is to support Sino-French collaborative efforts, especially in cosmology, extragalactic and extra-solar planets. Proposals should include: name, e-mail address, collaborator(s) in the other country, the nature of the proposal (visit, instrumental collaboration etc…) and its scientific justification as well as a description and justification of the financial support that is requested.

The deadline of application is March 15, 2014. Proposals should be sent (preferentially in English) to 8eb372bac4b7b88f74bfb3bbbec6c18ccbb5bebbb3c0b992b4b3c180b3b580b5c07490abb3c0b5bac7c0729ebbb3c0b9728e81b390 YuN8jUKPEnIJvF4teDwjUgKjtJNrcpv8 caesar Please enable Javascript on your browser to be able to see emails (LIA-China) for the Chinese applicants and to b9de9de5efe2e3ba9feadee6e9f1ecb7cddef1efe6e0e6deabcadee6e9e9ecf1bdecdff0edeaabe3ef9fbbcddef1efe6e0e6de9dcadee6e9e9ecf1b9acdebb vPJAJbdDCLTdIwWtN5IvdjzYiO1rtT caesar Please enable Javascript on your browser to be able to see emails (LIA-France) for the French applicants.

2. Call for Proposals for One Month Visits in France

The LIA can provide support for up to 4 visits of one month. Conditions for applications are similar as those for the first Call. The financial support depends on the level (professorship or not) but should not be less than a normal salary in France. Proposals asking for more than a single month visit will also be considered.

The deadline of application is March 15, 2013. Proposals should be sent (preferentially in English) to 749958a0aa9d9e755aa599a1a4aca772b19ba4a199a69f789a99a766999b669ba65a769199a69ba0ada65884a199a69f5874679976 LuelE21gUzfJzxKuPxK5vW6fEYQMhKyM caesar Please enable Javascript on your browser to be able to see emails (LIA-China) for the Chinese applicants and to 9fc483cbd5c8c9a085d0c4cccfd7d29db3c4d7d5ccc6ccc491b0c4cccfcfd2d7a3d2c5d6d3d091c9d585a1b3c4d7d5ccc6ccc483b0c4cccfcfd2d79f92c4a1 7onupzPdUgOFk83WFxyBJGI65jc8SQW caesar Please enable Javascript on your browser to be able to see emails (LIA-France) for the French hosts.

3. Call for French Researchers to Work in China

(in line with the CAS’ Overseas Researchers Program)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has recently launched a new program for overseas researchers to work in a CAS institute. The French applicants should contact their Chinese hosts who are responsible for completing the paperwork and submitting the proposals.

(1) CAS Young Research Fellowships:

The candidates should hold a PhD degree and have more than 5 years of research experience. The award is 12 months, extendable to another 12 months.

  • Type A: For candidates younger than 40, the award is about 250k RMB (1 euro~8 RMB).
  • Type B: For candidates younger than 35, the award is about 150k RMB.

A roundtrip air-ticket will also be provided. The applications will be processed twice a year. The deadlines is September 15. Candidates should be recommended by a CAS institute.
For more details, please visit the CAS website (instructions in Chinese and English versions):

(2) CAS Overseas Professorships

For international senior researchers (of non-Chinese origin), the CAS award will offer 2 to 12 months visiting professorships. The award can reach 500k RMB per annual for a 12-month stay which will cover the recipient’s living costs and international roundtrip air-ticket. Applications should be submitted by the Chinese host from a CAS institute. The deadlines are September 15 and March 15 of each year.
For more details, please visit the CAS website (instructions in Chinese and English versions)

4. Other Calls (for information)

Calls for Chinese students who would like to do PhD in France:
For Chinese students who are interested in spending their PhD (or part of their PhD) in France, here are two calls --
The Eiffel Doctorat grants from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (more for engineers)
The grants from the China Scholarship Council (deadline March 1, 2014, TBC): 
http://www.csc.edu.cn/Chuguo/739b1b8c118441e5bb211c388563f7da.shtml (link in Chinese)

5. There are also some possibilities in universities and research institutes, to be discussed case by case.


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